The TROIKA is a meeting whose purpose is to ensure effective political management of the institution.  To note is that, the Whip of Council should not be referred to as the Chief Whip as that reference is not applicable to local Government administration. The name of Chief Whip is ordinarily used in the case of Parliament/legislature, when referring to the Chief Whip of the ruling party.   The TRIOKA has to convene frequently, to discussion governance issues within the institution and ensure smooth running of operations.

The Troika membership consists of Whip of Council, Executive Mayor and Speaker. 


Extended Troika refers to a meeting of the Chief Whip of Council, Speaker, Executive Mayor, plus 1 to include the Municipal Manager and support staff. This Extended Troika meeting is chaired by the Council Speaker.   Its name is reflective of the nature of the meeting which includes support staff. 


Amongst its many duties, the Extended Troika is also responsible for:

a. Consider Council agenda;

b. Ensure items brought to Council are competent; 

c. Facilitate for the political management of the Council meeting;

d. Ensure smooth running of the council; and 

e. Facilitate a common understanding amongst the political offices on items before council.


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