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Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry is one of the 12 Agricultural Colleges in South Africa. It was established to offer Agricultural Education and Training in 1930, but then in the 1970, the Forestry component was introduced. It is set amid beautiful surroundings of bush – clad hills and mountains, and endows a diversified socio-economic and biological heritage. It is a place of great historic interest. Fort Cox featured prominently in the turbulent period of frontier wars, but the building itself has not survived. 

University of FortHare

The University of Fort Hare is a public university in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa.It was a key institution in higher education for black Africans from 1916 to 1959. It offered a Western-style academic education to students from across sub-Saharan Africa, creating a black African elite. Fort Hare alumni were part of many subsequent independence movements and governments of newly independent African countries.In 1959, the university was subsumed by the apartheid system, but it is now part of South Africa's post-apartheid public higher education system.

East London Industrial Development Zone

Innovation, Efficiency, Growth and Sustainability are key to the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ’s) reason for existence.Established in 2003, as part of the South African government initiative to improve industrial competitiveness and economic growth in the country, the zone has become a prime industrial park in South Africa, renowned for its customised solutions for various industries including automotive, agro-processing and aqua-culture.The ELIDZ offers growth oriented companies a specialised manufacturing platform, innovative industrial and business solutions access to new markets and strategic industry networks.


The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an autonomous association of municipalities with its mandate derived from the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. This mandate defines SALGA as the voice and sole representative of local government. SALGA interfaces with parliament, the National Council of Provinces (NCOP), cabinet as well as provincial legislatures.


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