In terms of regulation 14(1) of the Municipal Supply Chain Management Regulations, the accounting officer must keep a list of accredited prospective providers of goods and services and infrastructure procurements of the municipal entity that must be used for the procurement requirement through written or verbal and formal written price quotations and at least once a year through newspapers commonly circulating locally, via the website of the municipality or municipal entity and any other appropriate ways, to invite prospective providers of good and services and infrastructure to apply for evaluation and listing as accredited prospective providers.


In line with this regulation and supply chain management reforms introduced by government, all prospective service providers of goods and services and infrastructure procurement are required to apply on Central Supplier Database in order to do business with all organs of state in the Republic of South Africa at


Upon registration on the CSD, your company will be issued with a unique CSD number, which will be used as a reference and must be stated on all quotations and tenders.


The ADM is required to use and verify all prospective supplier’s registration on the CSD.  Therefore, suppliers are required to register on the CSD if not already registered.



Failure to register will result in ADM not being able to conduct business with your Company/Entity.


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