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VISION 2030 

VISION 2030 

The primary purpose of ADM Vision 2030 is to outline the localized long term plan of the district and ensure alignment with the Eastern cape province’s long term plan as well as the country’s developmental blue print officially known as the National Development Plan (NDP) i.e. Vision 2030.

The vision is intended to be a realistic dream, indicating what the stakeholders representing the Amathole District Municipality would like the municipality to look like in the future, specifically in the year 2030. The ADM vision 2030 takes into account the current situation of Amathole’s geographic area by extrapolating from the analysis of the current situation and analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are informed by continuous and periodical socio-economic profiling. 



The South African government through its National Planning Commission, developed a blueprint for development that is called National Development Plan, alternatively known as vision 2030. The primary intention of the plan is to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by developing human resource capabilities to enable active citizens to grasp all available opportunities for sustainable development. The provincial governments are currently busy developing their respective long range plans to cascade the NDP to their geographic areas in a manner that will ensure synergy with the national developmental trajectory.

Consequently, local government is expected to develop their localized long term development plans to give effect to the realization of the national’s long term vision. It is on this score that the ADM identified a need to develop its own long range plan that will be referred to as ADM vision 2030.

Guided by the national and provincial imperatives, the starting point was to conduct a situational analysis of ADM that sought to lay a solid foundation for the development of vision 2030 for the entire district. It is of critical importance that ADM vision 2030 aligns itself to both the National Development Plan and the Provincial Development Plan. The key elements of the NDP serve as a guide for AD to grasp their implications and find the local meaning of such elements.

A comprehensive situational analysis was conducted to build a quantitative and qualitative baseline of the conditions of inhabitants of ADM and will be used as an on-going monitoring tool going forward. It will also help the leadership political and administrative to understand better the current situation inside and outside the area of jurisdiction of Amathole District. In addition, it will enhance the understanding of developments in the Macro- and Micro-environment that may influence the future of the district.

The process entailed gathering information for systematic strategic planning process. The results of the analysis will also enable the incumbent leadership to make critical decisions about the future of ADM and preparation of long term action plan that takes care of urgent issues. Subsequent to the situational analysis, internal stakeholder engagement was initiated utilizing various platform of engagement.