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Amílcar Cabral

Strategic Planning & Management

The primary objective of the department is:

  • The facilitation of the development of IDP and management of performance information
  • The management of Information Systems and IT infrastructure
  • The rendering of Communications and Customer Care functions throughout the district
  • The planning and coordination of risk management within the municipality

The Strategic Manager's Department is divided into the following Units:

Information Management Unit

The IT Unit ensures connectivity of ADM users at all times by focusing on the following areas;

  • ICT security,
  • availability,
  • high performance,
  • increase service delivery of ADM to its greater customers
  • Support and maintain systems used by ADM departments;
  • Ensure IT systems work according to business requirements;
  • Ensure seamless integration of systems and platforms;
  • To lead delivery of IT systems and services according to industry best practices and government based procedures;

Communications and Customer Care Unit 

  • Communications research and environmental analyses.
  • Development of communication strategies and policies;
  • Media liaison;
  • Community/public participation;
  • Customer Care;
  • Marketing the institution as a tourism/heritage and investment destination;
  • Website Development and Content management.
  • Providing communication support to ADM Dept, LMs and other government spheres.

Planning Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Coordinate the development and review of the Integrated Development Plan; 
  • Coordinate the development and review of the Performance Management Framework;
  • Coordinate the development the of the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan;
  • Coordinate the development of the Annual Report;
  • Coordinate Sector Plan development and review;
  • Ensure IDP, Budget and SDBIP alignment;
  • Ensure vertical and horizontal alignment of development planning;
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation of performance, quarterly and annually;
  • Ensure compliance with IDP and PMS relevant legal requirements.