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We are Drought Stricken!

The district is currently drought stricken!!

The Amathole District Municipality was declared a drought disaster state in December 2015 and has put in place solution orientated mechanisms such as the procuring of water tankers to cart water in the various villages affected by the drought, however, the sources have dried up. Moreover, groundwater investigations and successful boreholes have been conducted, however, there is a shortage of equipment. The prone areas which have been experiencing challenges due to drought are the villages and wards under Mbhashe, Mnquma, Raymond Mhlaba, Great Kei and Ngqushwa Local Municipalities.

The table below illustrates the magnitude of the drought-affected areas within Amathole District Municipality

Local Municipality

Areas Affected

No. of Villages

Mbhashe LM

Qwaninga Water Supply Ward 23

24 Villages (7271 people)

Dwesa Water Supply Scheme Ward 29

15 Villages (5246 people)

Mendu Water Supply Scheme Ward 29

4 Villages (1612 people)

Nqabarha North and South Water Supply Scheme Ward 22

2 Villages (500 people)

Mnquma LM

Tholeni Water Supply Scheme Ward 9, 10, 11 and 12

35 Villages (13670 people)

Raymond Mhlaba LM

Adelaide Ward 21 – Tyoks Village

(9000 people)

Bedford Ward 23, Ndlovini, Old Goodwin Park, Sizakhele and Old Goodwin Park

4 Villages (1500 people)

Ngqushwa LM

Thyefu Water Supply Scheme Ward 7

8 Villages (6500 people)

Great Kei LM

Kei Mouth and Haga-Haga Ward 5

2 Villages (300 people)

Soto and Mooiplaas villages Ward 4

2 Villages (5000 people)