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Municipal Manager's Office

The primary objectives:

• To measure, monitor and enhance the institution’s performance;

• To ensure that resources (both financial and human) are mobilised for the effective and efficient delivery of basic services to the communities; 

• To accelerate projects and operational expenditure; and

• To provide legal services, internal audit services and strategic direction to the Municipality.

Legal Services Unit

Provide professional legal guidance, advice and opinions to the Municipality; monitoring compliance with the applicable regulatory framework within which the Municipality operates; develops and reviews by-laws, contracts and other legal documents; and drives the institution’s anti-fraud management strategy..

Municipal Manager : Dr. BJ Mthembu

Internal Audit

Internal Audit: Section 165 of MFMA states that each municipality and each municipal entity must have an internal audit unit to prepare a risk-based audit plan and an internal audit program for each financial year.

Advise the accounting officer and report to the audit committee on the implementation of the internal audit plan and matters relating to:

  • Internal audit
  • Internal controls
  • Accounting procedures and practices
  • Risk and risk management
  • Performance management
  • Loss control and
  • Compliance with the Act.

Internal audit unit assists the municipality in achieving its set objectives by reviewing the processes followed in terms of internal controls, Risk Management and Good Governance and advise the management on corrective measures where there are gaps.

ADM Internal Audit unit is regularly contacted by Local Municipalities to assist in conducting audits that they cannot perform due to capacity problem.

Every financial year the unit performs and complete all the projects planned for that particular year