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The Department of Strategic Planning and Management (Strat) led by Director Ntsikelelo Sovasi are in a direction of finding strategic catalytic solutions to support delivery of water and sanitation services that are efficient and sustainable to the ADM communities.
Held at the ADM Mayoral Building in Quigney, Strategic Planning and Management Department Portfolio Head, MMC Bandile Ketelo spoke greatly on the importance of an overall brand positioning of the institution, further commending the role played by Communications and Customer Care unit, that was led by the late Nonceba Madikizela-Vuso as one that has been and continues to be at the forefront of repositioning the institution’s brands and central to the operations of the municipality.
“The level of work that this unit has done is commendable and should continue to be elevated to greater heights. It is one of the vital tools we utilise to reach and engage with the communities that we service” – he said.
Ketelo concluded by encouraging the department, saying clear and implementable plans that will assist in bettering ADM need to be devised in this session and only that way the institution will be steered in the right direction.
Municipal Manager Dr. Bhekisisa Mthembu also took the opportunity to address the sitting where he said 
e (ADM personnel), needed to work hard to put the institution back on its feet so as to enable it to discharge its institutional responsibility of providing quality services to the people of ADM.
“We are all here to make a positive contribution that will ensure the tomorrow of ADM will be different from today. Things must change in such a way that our thinking and planning is impact driven” - said Mthembu.
In reference to the District Development Model (DDM), Mthembu also added that colleagues should stop the norm of wanting to compete with one another as individuals, units and departments and rather work with one another in unison. Concluding on this, he said when it comes to strategic planning, we cannot plan for what we don’t have.
“Let us go by the concept less is more and make use of what we have to get more. Let this be a paradigm shift of how things should be done and that way we will be headed in the right direction” – concluded Mthembu.
Additional to this, the session itself will look to discuss matters that have a detrimental effect on the functionality of the department which include as highlighted by the Chief Financial Officer CFO Mr. Ncedile Zengethwa, a disjointed work structure; understaffing in various divisions; municipal financial recovery plan and audit outcomes to mention a few and how best these can be improved upon.

Amaxesha olwaluko (elasebusika nelasehlotyeni) kulapho amawaka ngamawaka amakhwekwana adlula kwelisiko lihl

e, lihloniphekileyo. Olu hambo luphawula ukuguqulwa kwesimilo salamakhwenkwana esuswa ebukhwenkweni esiwa ebudodeni ngenzame zokubenza abantu abazakuthatha uxanduva yaye badlale indima engcono eluntwini.

Kuyadanisa ukubona elisiko liqhutywa ngendlela egwenxa nekhokhela ekonzakeleni nasekubhubheni kwabakhwetha. Kungako iSithili, sithatha amanyethelo aqatha ukuqinisekisa ukuba siyalikhusela elisiko, kwaneempilo zabakhwetha ngokuzama ukuba kungakhange kubhubhe namkhwetha mnye. Oku sikuqabelisa ngenxa yemigudu nenzame zabathathi-nkxaxheba abafana nesebe lezempilo, imibutho yasekuhlaleni, u-Right To Care, abazali kwanenkokheli zemveli.





The Amathole District Municipality (ADM) hereby informs residents of two vandalism incidences in Mquma Local Municipality.

  • In Ward 24 some of the pump stations e.g. the Mkhonkotho diesel station has been vandalized yet it was recently handed to the community.
  • In the same ward another vandalism incident took place at a borehole in Teko kona. This borehole is a high yield point which provides water to ward 23,24 30 and 31 including the Macibe clinic and the Town of Centane.


Vandalism and damaging of municipal infrasture are major contributing factors in reoccurring water outages in the district. We call for cooperation from all residents to immediately report all suspicious or illegal activities to law enforcement agencies. These acts negatively affect delivery of services to the entire community.


Issued by ADM Communications and Customer Care Unit.


For customer queries contact ADM Customer Care Sibo Mnqeta on 081 432 9630 between 08h00 and 16h30 daily | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In its quest for innovative and tangible solutions in carrying its mandate, Amathole District Municipality’s (ADM) two-day Water Indaba saw various stakeholders in the water industry gather in East London to share their expert ideas on how the institution could become the once productive district it used to be and beyond.
Among the issues discussed were the culture of non-payment of services rendered by the district’s consumers which impacts directly in the municipality’s operations and maintenance of its already aging water infrastructure. With a population base of 871 601 (714 712 rural and 156 889 urban), 250 229 are without water services while 10 263 are without sanitation and owing to growing population and changes in water usage patterns, many schemes are not designed to meet the demand and water outages are common.
As a water service authority and provider, ADM is mandated to ensure that it is able to provide sustainable, safe water and waste water services under the Blue and Green Drop legislation. This according to Department of Water and Sanitation Regulation, Compliance and Enforcement Acting Director Nivelle Lawry is an area wherein the district can still do better in.
“ADM can improve its performance, one of the ways is by making sure that councillors and senior management approve and commit to requirements listed as essential for effective and efficient water service delivery” – he said.
While the blue drop looks into the quality of water in the taps, the green deals with the quality of wastewater to the rivers
Explaining further on the green drop, DWS Regulation, Compliance Enforcement Directorate Scientist Siphumle Mkwakwi said the importance of waste water management minimizes the outbreak of diseases like cholera and how “ADM can improve with process controller registration, well-staffed internal maintenance team”.
Outlining the resolutions, Municipal Manager Dr. Bhekisisa Mthembu said the institution has “to increase revenue collection streams” which he said would also have positive “effect to the billing system”.
Mthembu mapped a future of “integrated political directives to budget provisions” adding that going forward the district will ensure “an integrated and responsive staff establishment that is fit for purpose". This, he said, would go hand in glove with a “conducive organizational culture for high impact results”.
In his closing remarks ADM Executive Mayor Anele Ntsangani advocated for a fast and effective delivery of service to the district’s communities. He said this would be made possible by ensuring that Blue and Green Drops reports are “brought to council on quarterly basis for consistent updates to improve and (where needed) remedy the state of ADM in these areas”.
“While we have issues we face within our engineering and infrastructure department, not a making of their own, we will consistently monitor the deliverables and assist where possible” – he said
For all media enquiries, contact Nonceba Madikizela-Vuso on 0835169122 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Issued by the Communications and Customer Care Unit