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Today marks day three(3) and the last day of the With the theme throughout being “Heavy Lifting - A holistic approach to putting the communities first”, all recommendations put out during these sessions will further be brought up and discussed in great detail at the upcoming Institutional Strategic Planning Session with the objective being bettering the communities of the district and the institution itself.

Amathole District Municipality (ADM) management is converging at East London IDZ for a three-day internal
Technical Strategic Planning session dated from 24 to 26 January 2024 with the primary objective being to
discuss and agree on best actions the municipality can adopt to achieve it’s statutory mandate and
Self-introspection, robustness, and forward thinking characterise the course of the three -day session
whose aim is to create better and sustainable livelihoods for Amathole communities.
Among the desired outcomes from the session is to pave way for the programme of action whose
recommendations will be escalated to the Institutional Strategic Planning Session, led by the political leadership of the ADM, for scrutiny and where necessary, approval. The success of the session will be referenced by the institution remaining relevant and responsive to the needs of its communities as well attaining stability and growth beyond the planning phase.